Cliff Mikkelsen

Head of the TOTECO Team

With more than 30 years of worldwide experience in the food and packaging industries, upon his father Larís death in 2006, Cliff became head of the TOTECO Team.

Cliff has contributed markedly to TOTECO's research and development as a multi-service entity in the industry. His attention to detail and logistics management is notable, as reflected in the company's warehousing and on-time distribution capabilities. He has been instrumental in developing new territories and innovations for this niche of the industry, while continually strengthening customer relations and responding with acumen to their needs.

With his exceptional scope of knowledge, Cliff is regarded as a wizard in the corrugated tote world, initiating full-scale programs that benefit both vendors and customers, alike. Always exemplifying integrity as TOTECOís trademark, he is dedicated to carrying on the companyís distinction: "The customer is where everything begins and ends "

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