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Lars Mikkelsen



A legend in the frozen food industry, Lars began his career in Los Angeles in 1948 as one of Birds Eye Frozen Foods' first salesmen (note that handsome guy on left side of photo!), then moved into packaging, where he acquired a wealth of experience and knowledge.

Lars's people skills were extraordinary. He never forgot a name or a place or a situation, and he was always there for the customer. Many still remember him arriving at their doors in his classic Caddie convertible, La Caja, top down, with tote bins stacked in the back. He deeply cared about meeting his customers' needs and developing beneficial programs for them.

As a visionary, few, if any, could match Lars. He was inducted into the Distinguished Order of Zerocrats in 1968, in recognition of his vision and contributions to the industry. He went on to develop the specifications and concept for laminating material to form a 1-piece, 3-ply, corrugated bin. He named it the HPT (High Performance Tote), which is now a standard in the industry.

Lars battled a rare and progressive neurological disease the last 8 years of his life, but he never allowed it to interfere with overseeing and expanding the business, and maintaining customer relationships. Right up to the end, he seldom missed a day at his office. His remarkable spirit remained until he died in December, 2006, just three weeks short of his 87th birthday. He loved his business; he loved his industry.

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