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Lars Mikkelsen founded Mikkelsen Enterprises in 1974 to nationally market bulk packaging in the frozen food industry. He was instrumental in developing the concept for laminating material to form a 1-piece, 3-ply, corrugated bin. He named it the HPT® (High Performance Tote), which is now the standard in the industry.

To accommodate the industry, the company added products such as spiral-wound corner posts to reinforce the bin structure, and slip sheets. It set specifications that are current today for excellent performance in specific application bulk packaging.

The company moved into the international market in the early 1980s. Lars's oldest son, Cliff Mikkelsen joined the firm in 1994, bringing with him 15 years of broad experience in the food industry, which included packaging management, food processing, international sales and purchasing. It evolved into TOTECO Packaging Company LLC in early 1998 as an all-purpose supplier of specific standard designs to its market. It is the only company selling bulk packaging to the food industry that provides multi-region origin points, companion products, distribution, warehousing, and extensive knowledge and networking.

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