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Bulk Packaging

We build partnerships with our experience and integrity, holding ourselves to a high standard, we do the heavy lifting, providing value beyond the bin.


TOTECO works with multiple tote manufacturers with six plants across the U.S. Making the same specification tote allows us to adjust to varying crop conditions and seasonal timing.


TOTECO provides specifications and monitors testing at every manufacturing location, assuring that all tote bins meet or exceed specifications.


TOTECO works closely with our partner manufacturers in managing and monitoring pre-run and year-round inventory. This creates flexibility tied to seasonal and annual requirements.


TOTECO handles all communication and planning required to keep our partners informed and to ensure that our customers’ requirements are covered at all times.

TOTECO Products

TOTECO’s HPT®41 series provides a high quality, sustainable, and cost-effective bulk bin that is sure to deliver the results you need. When your application is for a one-way use, we have an option for that as well.

From our industry-standard High-Performance Tote (HPT®) and One-Way Tote to corner posts and other items, we provide the bulk packaging you need to store and ship your product safely and efficiently.

TOTECO Markets

TOTECO provides bulk packaging solutions for satisfied customers across the US, Canada, and Mexico, serving multiple sectors of the food industry. The customers we serve, safely and efficiently store and ship a variety of products, including

  • IQF Frozen Fruits and Vegetables
  • Frozen Potatoes
  • Frozen Rice
  • Frozen Pasta
  • Batters and Coatings
  • Ingredients such as: Seeds, Spices, etc.

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