The Toteco Advantage

The Toteco HPT®41 Program

Major adjustments to the timing of tote bin shipments and quantity required are inevitable.
Responding to these special requirements, TOTECO has created a unique program designed to serve your industry. 
TOTECO Packaging is a world leader in providing bulk packaging solutions.

Continuity of Supply and Redundancy

supporting unique growing areas and conditions

TOTECO works with multiple tote manufacturers with six plants across the U.S. Making the same specification tote allows us to adjust to varying crop conditions and seasonal timing.

Each manufacturing location supports each unique growing area and conditions. These areas overlap so there is always a backup plant to maintain continuity in the event of a problem in any one location. All locations maintain inventory so that adjustments can be made on demand.

toteco advantage

Effective Inventory Management

Pre-Run and On-Going Inventory of HPT®41 Totes managed by Toteco

Inventories at each of the HPT®41 production facilities supply all our customers. This creates flexibility not tied to individual orders for shipment but to seasonal requirements. Each manufacturer has HPT®41 totes on their manufacturing schedule 12 months a year. Our customers draw from a master inventory of HPT®41 totes. This allows for each customer’s processing plants to speed up, back off, postpone or even cancel a shipment without any negative repercussion.

There is an inventory within 2- to 5-day transit time from our production facilities or multiple warehouses to any location within U.S., Canada, and Mexico. This inventory is available all 12 months of the year.

Effective Communication

Each plant’s requirements are always covered

We handle all the communication and planning needed to keep our suppliers informed and our customers supplied with tote bins. We are familiar working with processing and food plants and maintain contact on a regular basis so that we can always be proactive. We know how quickly things can change so we make sure that each plant’s requirements are always covered.

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Continuity of Quality

Regularly scheduled tests

TOTECO provides specifications and monitors testing at every manufacturing location, assuring that the tote bins meet or exceed specifications. Testing is conducted on a schedule, and the results are provided to our technical team for review, comments, and follow up. Testing results are also available to our customers.

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